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Who is Erica Poseley and how can she improve my riding?

Erica Poseley is a rider biomechanics expert, who specializes in lunging riders to improve their seats. She is also a certified Ride With Your Mind Coach. In addition she is the first person in the United States to earn a Diploma of Equitation Science from Dr. Andrew McLean’s International course on Equine Learning Theory.

Erica has trained and competed horses through all of the US national levels. Her lifetime with horses includes showing horses in hand, jumping, eventing, dressage and teaching all ages. She has earned her USDF Bronze medal.

  • Erica Introduces Herself: Erica Poseley shares her inspirational story of searching through four different counties to find the answers to ride, train, and teach in the most effective, safe, humane and kind way.
  • "Hi, I'm Erica Poseley and I have spent the last 30 years developing an expertise in the dressage seat and position. I have ridden dressage since 1970 and have always had a nice seat, but as an athletic woman checking in at only 5'1" and 100 pounds, I had to get a "doctorate" in advanced seat and position to be effective with any equine larger than a St. Bernard!"

    "My background in martial arts (3rd degree black belt), tennis, skiing, surfing and a lifetime of riding gives me a deep understanding of the many ways to teach and communicate with riders. My background as a philosophy graduate (Cum Laude BA from UCLA) has given me the tools to communicate clearly. During lunging and riding lessons, I can give you the immediate, in the moment feedback that is essential to improving your riding, whether it be concerning your position or the application of Equine Learning Theory to your riding. I take your learning seriously and will do everything I can to help you achieve your goal. Some riders are apprehensive about lunging or have a horse who isn't reliable on the lunge - my techniques work well on and off the lunge. My goal is to improve your seat and position to enable you to improve both your communication and relationship with your horse."

  • Early Education:, Erica's education includes traveling from Maui, Hawaii to be a working student during the summers for three years with J. Ashton Moore and Elizabeth Searle of Osierlea, followed by a one and a half year apprenticeship with them. Through Liz and Jeff, Erica was able participated in a 3 week intensive study with the Baron von Blixen-Finecke. She has also studied with Jennifer Roth, who introduced her to Dietrich von Hoppfgarten with whom Erica attended regular clinics for almost ten years. In the mid 1990's Erica started riding with FEI trainer and judge Sandy Howard, who would become one of her long term mentors until her death in 2013.
  • Introduction to Mary Wanless: Sandy Howard introduced Erica to Mary Wanless in the early 90's and Erica has studied with her ever since. Mary is renowned for her knowledge of rider biomechanics and has also given Erica advanced training in teaching riding biomechanics. Mary visits the US for clinics in which Erica participates at least once a year.
  • Off to Germany! Erica went to Germany in 1996 on a quest to improve her seat and riding, inspired to ride at the school of the mentor of her teacher Dietrich von Hoppfgarten, Egon von Neindorff. von Neindorff was one of the most renowned masters of developing the seat. She studied at Reitinstitut von Neindorff in Karlsruhe, Germany. While there Erica studied with Head Rider Melissa Sims for a month and learned, among other things, the classical art of lunging the rider. Erica worked for Melissa Sims in California for the summer the following year and began to specialize in teaching the rider on the lunge.
  • Journeys to the UK: In 2011, Erica journeyed to England for a month of intensive seat work with Mary Wanless and met her colleague Ali Wakelin. She returned to the UK several more times to ride and study with both with Mary Wanless and Ali Wakelin. Erica spent three weeks of intensive training with Mary, including one on one training sessions and completing several Teacher Training Courses. This culminated in Erica receiving her coaching accreditation and she is a certified Mary Wanless Ride With Your Mind Coach.
  • Improving training and teaching with Learning Theory: While working with Ali Wakelin in the UK, Erica received her first exposure to Dr. Andrew and Manuela McLean, as Ali is also one of their students. Ali showed Erica Dr. McLean's ground work methods and she was hooked. Since then Erica has traveled to both Canada and Australia to work with Andrew and his wife Manuela in person for weeks at a time. She was able to learn a scientific evidence based system of how horses truly learn from one of the founders of the very recent field called equitation science. Erica is the first person in the United States to be awarded a Diploma of Equitation Science from Dr. Andrew McLean’s International course on Equine Learning Theory after two years of study.

"I teach clinics throughout the West Coast and I am also available for clinics anywhere in North American. During lunging and riding lessons, I break down each element that creates the correct seat and focus on what your specific needs are at any given time. A better seat enables you to give clear cues, improving communication with your horse and making for a more harmonious ride. Students are consistently amazed at their improvement in a short period of time through increasing their awareness of their body."

To Schedule an Seat Lesson or Equine Learning Theory Consultation:
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Long distance Video Consultations also available.

Combining an understanding of how the horse learns with improved rider biomechanics makes the whole riding experience more harmonious and satisfying.