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How can Lunging Help You?
  • With lunging you can focus only on yourself, and train to use your body correctly so that it becomes automatic. Training your body to follow your horse's movement takes thousands of correct repetitions. It is very difficult to focus on your body while at the same time focusing on working and training your horse.
  • Lunging allows you to discover how to influence your horse without your reins. Once you see the effect you can have on your horse's way of going just from a change in how you use your body, you will realize the power of your seat.
  • Your seat may be limiting both your progress with your horse and your ability to move up the levels. Many people gravely under estimate the effect that a poor seat can have on the horse's ability to do the job that we ask of him. Erica Poseley can pinpoint the source of a problem and help you find a solution through her expertise in the biomechanics of the rider.
  • In Germany there is a systematic approach to teaching the seat first, developing the rider's foundation through many hours on the lunge line. As a result Germany produces some of the best riders in the world. European master trainers have perfected the art of lunging a rider for the development of an effective seat. Erica has been trained in the European method but improves that approach by applying modern biomechanics in her lunging lessons. This allows her to help you progress more rapidly than traditional lunging.
  • Not all lunging is the same. There is a difference between just bouncing around at the trot putting in hours on the lunge line, and focused instruction on exactly what to do with your body to improve your sitting. Hours of practicing the wrong thing will not improve your seat and can actually be counterproductive, causing the rider to develop incorrect muscle usage. Erica's trained eye will help you correct your position so your practice will be meaningful and you can accomplish more in less time.
Combining an understanding of how the horse learns with improved rider biomechanics makes the whole riding experience more harmonious and satisfying.