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What is Rider Biomechanics?
Why is it Important?
How can Erica Help?
Erica Poseley is a rider biomechanics expert, who specializes in lunging riders to improve their seats. She is also a certified Ride With Your Mind Coach. In addition she is the first person in the United States to be awarded a Diploma of Equitation Science from Dr. Andrew McLean’s International course on Equine Learning Theory. Here you can read some Testimonials from Erica's students to see how she has helped them.

To develop a good seat and correct effective posture requires an awareness of one’s body. There are several ways that Erica can help you improve your posture and your communication with your horse:

  • Lunging: Erica has lunged so many riders in her career, that she can see the effect of how the person's mechanics, especially in posting and sitting the trot, and in canter can affect the horse either positively or negatively. A small change in your posture can have a huge effect. Click here for more information about the benefits of Lunging.
  • Unmounted body awareness workshops: Through a variety of exercises, Erica can help increase your awareness of your balance, use of your core, and position of your spine so that you can apply this new awareness when you get back on your horse.
  • Video feedback during your lesson: Nothing beats the instant feedback of video, especially when you and your horse are learning a new skill or movement, or working on a problem area. Try something and then see how it actually looked....
  • Adjustments while Riding: During a regular riding lesson Erica’s sharp eye can pinpoint small things in your position that can have huge effects on your horse’s performance, even at the upper levels. Her knowledge of equine learning theory helps her show how to use your rider biomechanics to connect better with your horse, improving your horses ability to perform complex movements such as flying changes and half pass.
A good riding posture takes time to develop, but the end result is the ability to know you are truly communicating with your horse, in a language of very light cues and the movements of your seat. This harmony is when riding becomes like art, and a pure joy, no matter what disciple you are pursuing. It is Erica’s hope that by achieving correct rider biomechanics and understanding how horses learn, each ride you have will be harmonious and fun!!

Read Testimonials from Erica's students.

To Schedule an Seat Lesson or Equine Learning Theory Consultation:
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Long distance Video Consultations also available, click Here for more details.

Combining an understanding of how the horse learns with improved rider biomechanics makes the whole riding experience more harmonious and satisfying.