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Tami Hoag, Writer, Florida
2005 USDF Adult Amateur Champion Intermediate 1
2005 USDF Adult Amateur PSG 4th place nationally
2005 USDF Adult Amateur Intermediate 2: 4rd place
2005 USDF Adult Amateur Grand Prix: 3rd place

"With Erica's help I have been able to achieve a more elegant and effective seat. I really feel she has helped open the door for me to move on with confidence into international competition. Her ability to isolate even the most subtle of issues with the rider's position is truly remarkable. Her ability to convey clearly and concisely how and--most importantly why--to make corrections is unsurpassed in my experience riding with top trainers and coaches all over the country.
I consider my work with Erica to be absolutely essential to my success as a grand prix dressage rider. I definitely plan to keep her as part of my "team" as I move toward higher and higher goals in the sport."

Linda Weiss, California

" I started riding as an adult, have no “natural” talent and many fears, but I am a hard worker. I have been competing at the FEI level for the last 2 years somewhat successfully. After watching many excellent horses and riders, I have gained an understanding of the harmony of dressage. I know that I can’t GET that harmony-no matter how HARD I work at it. Several months ago my trainer posted a sign up sheet for a clinician that was coming to our barn. Her name is Erica Poseley. So, I asked myself, why not??….

Erica has a thorough and educated understanding of the “correct” movements of the horse, but her focus is on the POSITION OF THE RIDER and how that allows the horse to perform. Her greatest gifts are her eye and ability to explain. She is positive, energetic and just as happy as you are when you make a breakthrough. Even though she isn’t “working the horse”, you feel the positive change in your horse from your improved position. She is giving you a greater ability to communicate with your horse by eliminating the erroneous messages that improper body positions give. After each lesson I have taken with Erica I walk away with greater knowledge of how to influence my horse with the use of my correct position.

Erica is a great gift to dressage riders. I’ve always understood that dressage was hard work. But Erica is teaching me that proper position (as hard as it is to achieve) makes the relationship more harmonious. Thank you, Erica!!!!!!!!!! "

Renee Fehrman,

"Erica Poseley has been lunging me on my 3rd level horse Movie Star and I have seen dramatic improvements in my dressage seat. With Erica's support and guidance, I am able to change old habits that inhibit my ability to influence Movie. I am more balanced and secure. Off the lunge line, I find that it is much easier to perform the 3rd and 4th level movements that I'm working on. The great this about being lunged is that its fun and actually relaxing!

Cynthia , 15 year old Junior dressage rider

" Each time I have a lesson with Erica I feel that I've gotten off a plateau, that my position improves and I am able to influence my horse more effectively. In my last show Hilda Gurney gave me an "8" on my position and effect of the aids!

Joy Wallingford,

" So you’ve been riding for years and you’re done with lunging lessons. That’s what I thought too. I was getting great training level scores (70+) but I was not developing Level 1 performance. When I heard about Erica and her SEAT lessons while lunging, I was suspicious. Do I want to go back to lunging lessons? Actually - I had never had lunging lessons in the first place!! And they sounded boring. But I had been looking for someone to help get me and my horse moved up a level. I decided to try a lesson with Erica.

So there I was being lunged, at a walk no less! It turned out to be one of the hardest lessons I had ever had. I could hardly stand when I got off the horse and we had only walked!! I had been told that Erica could “fix” my seat. As it turned out, she fixed my seat, my arms, my legs, my back, and best of all, my and the horse’s focus. S he is still fixing us (my horse and me)!! My riding difficulties were compounding my horse’s problems so we where in downward spiral. Now we’re up! We are making progress. We’re about to show again. Thank you Erica.>/p>

Jan Martel, California

" Over ten years ago, Hilda Gurney recommended that I take seat and position lessons on the longe, and I started to look for someone who would give me longe lessons. It was surprisingly hard. Most instructors just don't want to do "longe lessons." Finally, miraculously, I found Erica Poseley.

I've been taking longe lessons from her ever since, and she has done wonders for my riding. She has given me that "deep seat" everyone wants, and taught me to keep my unfortunately made 5'1" body in balance with my horse. As a result of my work with Erica, I'm now able to do what other instructors ask of me - put legs, seat, weight and body where I want them. Instead of making life hard for my horses, I can now help them. I've also watched Erica help many other riders improve. I've watched her teach all levels of rider, from beginner to FEI level, and each one has improved, as have their horses. She has a wonderful eye for the rider's seat and position and is amazing at communicating what she sees so that the rider can improve. I recommend her to anyone who is serious about improving their riding.