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  • - Tami Hoag
    Internationally famous author,
    2005 USDF Adult Amateur Champion Intermediate 1
    2005 USDF Adult Amateur PSG 4th place nationally
    2005 USDF Adult Amateur Intermediate 2: 4rd place
    2005 USDF Adult Amateur Grand Prix: 3rd place

  • Testimonial: "With Erica's help I have been able to achieve a more elegant and effective seat. I really feel she has helped open the door for me to move on with confidence into international competition. Her ability to isolate even the most subtle of issues with the rider's position is truly remarkable. Her ability to convey clearly and concisely how and--most importantly why--to make corrections is unsurpassed in my experience riding with top trainers and coaches all over the country. I consider my work with Erica to be absolutely essential to my success as a grand prix dressage rider. I definitely plan to keep her as part of my "team" as I move toward higher and higher goals in the sport"
  • - Marie Engstrom
    Brio Horsemanship & DP Saddlery Dealer

  • Testimonial: "We have an Equestrian center in Oracle AZ, with boarders, training horses and offering lessons and clinics. We work in French classical method and teach and show in working equitation. I contacted Erica 2 years ago, because I felt that I lost my seat and it was frustrating. Really needed someone on the ground to correct me. We scheduled a clinic with Erica and several of our clients rode in the clinic. It was a lot of hard work, but we saw some amazing results from both riders and horses during the clinic. I love the fact that there can be just a little change that needs to be done and then you feel so different and together with the horse. Erica has an great eye for the details in rider's biomechanics, she can figure out very fast what is going on and what needs to be done and how to continue and build onto what has been worked on before. We now have had Erica out for clinics several times and she always gives every rider at any level something to work on and how to improve. That’s what we love about Erica’s clinic, we get better as riders and the horses are working happily and balanced. Erica is also the only certified ESI instructor in USA, which makes her clinics very interesting, she can mix the rider biomechanics with horses learning theories and give you exercises for both. Her teaching fits so well in with how we work and teach, so we recommend all our students to rider with Erica when she comes for a clinic."
  • - Julie Creasy

  • Testimonal: "A few years ago I purchased a young mare, Elle, to train in dressage. It has been a fun, rewarding and sometimes harrowing experience! Without Erica’s guidance and expert help I never would have been successful in bringing along this talented mare. It has not been an easy road, but together we have tackled many issues. There have been days when I felt like giving up, but Erica introduced us to Operant Conditioning and it has completely changed the interaction between me and my horse. Now I have a system to guide me that I can always rely on to get consistent results and responses. My mare understands what I am asking for and it is her happy place. Erica was able to help me build the confidence through systematic training so that we could tackle our issues and train my mare with kindness and consistency. What has kept me going are those special rides where I feel like I am one with my horse. Who doesn't love having a partner that responds to light aids? Erica has an amazing eye for detail and I often feel like she is sitting in the saddle with me when I am riding. Erica has helped me find that wonderful balance between influencing my horse with my light directing seat and clear aids. I am certain that without Erica I would not be the confident and proficient rider that I have become. I am super excited about the future we have as a team."
  • - Judit Somogyi
    Balance Point Training

  • Testimonal: "I am very fortunate to call Erica Poseley a dear friend. Thankfully Erica has been a regular clinician at my training facility in Reno Nevada. Her expertise in the field of bio-mechanics has not only helped me with my riding, but dozens of my students enjoy learning from her and have experienced their riding skills improve. Erica's keen eye coupled with her vast knowledge makes her lessons worth every penny. I am continually amazed at her ability to convey important concepts in an easy to understand manner. Also now that she holds a degree in Equitation Science there is a whole new world opened up to those people wishing to train in a kinder and clearer way. Erica understands how humans learn and how horses learn making her a world class teacher. Thanks Erica for being wonderful to your students and especially the horses."
  • - Ingrid Doll

  • Testimonal: "Erica has a wonderful eye for rider’s position and is a perfectionist. She has had such a huge impact on my riding. I believe that riding dressage is similar to ballroom dancing, in that in order to be effective, each partner has to be in their own perfect balance. Finding and keeping this balance is what makes the rider able to be a real partner with her horse. Erica’s true talent lies in helping riders find their most effective and correct position, then using it to positively effect the horse’s balance so that the horse is truly in self carriage."

"I teach clinics throughout the West Coast and I am also available for clinics anywhere in North American. During lunging and riding lessons, I break down each element that creates the correct seat and focus on what your specific needs are at any given time. A better seat enables you to give clear cues, improving communication with your horse and making for a more harmonious ride. Students are consistently amazed at their improvement in a short period of time through increasing their awareness of their body."

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Combining an understanding of how the horse learns with improved rider biomechanics makes the whole riding experience more harmonious and satisfying.