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Joan Bolton, Dressage Professional, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Joan Bolton Dressage
USDF Gold Medalist
Short listed for both the Pan Am Games and the Olympics

"Erica has been a benefit to our training program in several ways over the years. We first got onto the lunging program which was a huge hit for our adult amateur clientele -- very popular in addition to being very helpful to our riders moving up to warmbloods from smaller moving horses. When I was training in Europe, Erica was the perfect stand-in trainer for me: she had a working knowledge of the students and their needs, and delivered correct lessons, keeping everyone progressing rather than treading water while I was away. It was so nice to come home to students who SAT BETTER!! I also appreciate that she can do temp work and I don't worry about what my students are learning while I'm away: she is correct and consistent."

Sandy Howard, Dressage Professional, Watsonville, California
American Sporthorse
Three time USET member; "S" Judge,
USDF "L" Faculty Member
APTI Founder & Board Member

""Erica has been a student of mine and I've had the opportunity to see her grow and become a true professional with special skills in the area of lunging for seat and position. As a professional who specializes in this complex area of riding biomechanics myself, I can attest that Erica's approach works for both the novice and the experienced rider who needs to sort out riding problems. When I teach, I regularly improve my student's positions, but still I notice big changes with her work. Most of my clients at American Sporthorse get lunged with Erica weekly to improve their positions and I notice the steady improvement!"

Tanya Vik, Dressage Professional, Sonoma, California
Tanya Vik Dressage
2009 Grand Prix CDS HOY 4th, USDF Region 7 3rd place
2009 Grand Prix Champion April Murieta Show
Developing Rider List for the USET 2008 and 2009

"I am an instructor that puts a lot of emphasis on correct seat and position - I've done a lot of training personally in this area and do a very good job with my students - BUT- there are so many areas to work on with students that I don't always have the time to dedicate our regular lessons solely to intensive seat work. I can trust Erica to be there and do the job at least as well as I can, if not better, as she is focused on this element of training alone and it is her expertise. I know my student will progress and be more confident and secure in our regular training. I also know that what Erica teaches is correct and my students are in good hands with her. Erica comes monthly for clinics and its been a great addition to our program."

Aaron Wilson, Dressage Professional, Agoura, California
WilCyn Dressage
USDF Gold Medalist

FEI Trainer and Competitor

"I have been a professional rider and trainer for 15 years before riding with Erica. Since working with Erica, I have learned (and still learning) new ways of becoming more harmonious with my horses. I connect with my horses in a whole new way. I also have my students (ranging in levels from Training to Grand Prix) ride with Erica. The better they are riding, the more smoothly the training of the horse/rider team progresses. I highly recommend working with Erica"

Anne Howard, Dressage Instructor, Physical Therapist, Watsonville, California
American Sporthorse

"I was amazed at how much straighter I sat after just a single session with Erica. She has exercises that are tremendously effective for developing a deep and secure and proactive seat. Try it and you'll wonder why you didn't try it sooner! This is worth the time to squeeze into your program!!!"