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Educational Videos
These videos are organized into the following catergoies:
  • Erica Introduces Herself: Erica Poseley shares her inspirational story of searching in four different countries to find the answers to ride , train, and teach in the most humane and kind way. It takes more than a lifetime to be a good horseman.
  • Rider Biomechanics Videos:
    • How to put yourself in correct alignment: Erica shows how to adjust a rider into proper riding posture.
    • Rider Biomechanics: Find your Unmovable Frame to Develop a more Effective Seat Erica shows how an ancient martial arts pose can help you have a more secure seat.
    • Improve your seat with Erica Poseley - An introduction to Rider Biomechanics Erica hopes you enjoy this introduction to her system of developing an effective seat for all disciplines of riding.
    • More Videos coming soon!
  • Equine Learning Theory Videos:
    • Operant Conditioning - Introduction: This video is an introduction to how horses learn through operant conditioning - trial and error learning.
    • Operant Conditioning - Forward, shoulder displacement, yielding of haunches: This video explains training the operants of step forward, displace the shoulders and yield the haunches.
    • Operant Conditioning - Halt under Saddle Demonstration of the stop operant under saddle with the effects of both correct and incorrect posture.
    • Operant Conditioning - Turn and Yielding of Haunches Under Saddle Erica Poseley demonstrates how to use previous ground training to train the operant response for turn, ie shoulder displacement, and the yielding of the hind legs under saddle.
    • More Videos coming soon!
Combining an understanding of how the horse learns with improved rider biomechanics makes the whole riding experience more harmonious and satisfying.