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Now available - Video Consulting with Erica Poseley!
Now you can get the benefit of Erica's instruction, even if you can't get to a clinic.
Or better yet, get Erica's input between clinics, so you can stay on the right path and continue to improve.
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To Schedule a Seat Lesson or Intensive Seat Consultations:
Contact me at or call me at 831-206-9613. I teach in the Bay Area and regularly travel throughout California. I am available for clinics anywhere in North American.

On or Off the Lunge? Depending on your needs and preference, ride on or off the lunge. I work with anyone serious about improving their seat regardless of discipline, riding level, breed of horse, or trainer affiliation.

Intensive Seat Consultations include: * A DVD of your ride and lesson * An evaluation of your position at the walk, trot, and canter * A greater understanding of how your position affects your horse's movements * New exercises to develop correct muscle memory.

Remember: Consistency is Key to Develop the Correct Muscle Memory! Stay on a regular lesson schedule for continuing progress on the development and effectiveness of your seat.

I look forward to hearing from you!